Skin Checks

30 minute appointments with our specially trained GPs – male and female doctors are available:

    • History taking and an assessment of your personal risk for skin cancer
    • A full clinical skin check PLUS a Skinscope check to be performed by our specially trained doctors, with all images kept on file for future comparison
    • Education about prevention of skin cancer and  how to perform self checks to detect any developing skin cancer
    • Appropriate individual skin management

Preparing for your Skin Check Appointment

    • Are there any moles that have changed in appearance?  Please advise reception when booking your appointment
    • Wear easy to slip off shoes, tops and bottoms. Underwear is kept on during the examination, and a modesty blanket is supplied
    • Ladies, please remove all makeup and nail polish

Am I at Risk of Developing Skin Cancer?

    • Family history or personal history of skin cancer
    • Fair skin sensitive to  sunburn, freckles, light eye colour
    • Aged 40 years and over
    • High levels of  UV exposure and sunburn during childhood
    • Have worked or are still working outdoors

Remember, 95% of skin cancers can be successfully treated if detected early.