Family Planning

Eastern Medical Centre provides care for all stages of family planning

    • Reproductive Health
    • Shared Maternity Care
    • 6 week health check for newborns
    • Infant and childhood immunisations

Doctors who consult at Eastern Medical Centre have specialised training in different stages of your family cycle.

Ensuring all patients are given the most up to date information and support from the first stages of planning a family to adolescent care.

Reproductive Health

Eastern Medical Centre strives to support all patients in their journey to starting and growing their families.

Patients are encouraged to make an appointment with their doctor for further information.

Doctors who consult from Eastern Medical Centre have special interest in the below:

    • Fertility
    • Trying for pregnancy
    • Having trouble conceiving
    • Infertility treatment
    • Fertility problems & emotions

Shared Maternity Care

Doctors who consult at Eastern Medical Centre have specialised training in your antenatal care.

Dr Chin is a Monash Women’s accredited affiliate shared maternity care provider, who has undertaken specialised training and this allows patients to have continuity of care during the pregnancy and the postnatal period.

Community providers (General Practitioners, Obstetricians or Community-based midwives) work as a team with our hospital staff throughout a woman’s pregnancy.

For more information visit Monash Women’s

Patients are encouraged to make an appointment with their doctor for more information.

6 week health check for newborns

At Eastern Medical Centre it is important all patients begin their life journey with the best medical support available. The doctors who work at the clinic encourage all patients to book the newborns for an appointment for their regular health checks.

If you would like to book an appointment with your doctor for your newborn please ring reception.

During a 6-week health check the doctor will examine the new mother and baby.

The doctor will check for the below and other area of development:

    • A weight check
    • A general assessment of appearance: colour, behaviour, breathing, activity, and skin
    • Assessment of tone, movements and posture
    • Assessment of head
    • Assessment of the eyes
    • Assessment of the heart
    • Assessment of the lungs
    • Assessment of the abdomen
    • Examination of the hips
    • Assessment of the spine
    • An opportunity to give health promotion advice
    • An opportunity for the parent to express concerns

Infant and Childhood immunisations

Eastern Medical Centre encourages patient to schedule their children’s immunisations. During the consultations patients are encouraged to ask the doctor questions and concerns they may have regarding the immunisation. Along with the doctor the practice nurse will assist where possible to support you and your child during the consultation.

Your families immunisation record will be sent to the Australian Immunisation Registry (AIR) and this information can be accessed via MyGov.

Infants, children, adolescents, adults and special risk groups are eligible to receive some vaccines for free under the National Immunisation Program (NIP). The Victorian Government also funds the provision of some vaccines that are not included on the NIP.

Vaccines are given at certain ages, or for people in certain at-risk groups, or for catch-up according to the schedule and eligibility criteria.

For more information please visit Immunisation schedule and vaccine eligibility criteria

Women’s Health

All aspects of a women’s health from general check-ups to routine tests are available at Eastern Medical Centre. The clinic has the opportunity for patients to book with female doctors who have special interest in different areas of women’s health. Doctors who work at Eastern Medical Centre encourage patients to have their regular test and assessments.

This specialised women’s care includes but is not limited to

    • Cervical screen test
    • Breast examinations
    • Marina insertions and removal
    • Implanon insertion and removal

Men’s Health

Eastern Medical Centre provides patients with the convenience of booking an appointment with a male doctor. The doctors who work at Eastern Medical Centre take special interest in the health of patient and encourage patient focused care. For more information please ring reception to book an appointment.

Areas of male health which are high risk include but are not limited to

    • Heart Disease
    • Mental Health
    • Stroke
    • Prostate cancer